Random Strager: Oh! Look at that hair! He has a little mohawk!

Us: Yep.

Random Stranger: How old is he?

Us: Almost 8 weeks (or however old he was when any of the variations of this conversation has taken place)

Random Stranger: WOW, HE’S REALLY BIG!!

Us: Yep.

It’s really funny – this is how it goes almost ALL THE TIME!! Comment 1 is on his hair, then they ask how old and comment on how GIANT he is! I mean, how are they to know he is a math genius or that he’s already composed several symphonies and rescued half a dozen dogs from backyard breeders?




I just want to warn you. If your baby gets cradle cap and you decide to use coconut oil on it, it will be very effective but your baby’s head will smell like a macaroon. DO NOT EAT YOUR BABY’S HEAD!!

This is a serious matter. Thanks for listening.

Rollercoaster of Love

So. I have actually been posting a bit more than you all know…I’ve just been making the posts private. They all felt, for one reason or another, too personal to share while we were going through the process. Some, like this one, were just too depressing. Some, like this one, were too embarrassing. Some, like this one and this one, were full of too much hope that I couldn’t bear dragging you all through again if things didn’t work out. And some were just too vulnerable.

This morning, I’m sitting in bed, editing pictures of this not-so-tiny human (did I mention that he was over 10 pounds at last weighing?) while he snoozes in his bouncy chair next to me, making sweet little tiny grunts and whimpers and pterodactyl sounds. He is here with me. I’m his mom. So it seemed like the right time to go back and make the other posts readable. I’m glad I wrote them, even though they are so emo, because it’s what the whole process was really like for me, and I’m happy to have the evidence of the ups AND the downs of the process. And I feel OK to share them with you, if you are interested in reading them.

If not, stayed tuned for more cute baby pics!



Yesterday marked 2 weeks that we’ve known Levi, and what an awesome two weeks it’s been. Today I’d like to share a few of the biggest surprises I’ve encountered on my short yet delightful parenting journey.

1. DRY HANDS! ZOMG! I would say I’m averaging about 1 – 4 handwashings per hour. Before a feeding, after a diaper change, after being barfed on, etc etc. Even though I am using the most hard-core hand salve I can find, my hands are still scaly and cracked like I’ve never seen before! Then I go to touch the baby and I’m all OH HI ALLIGATORS ARE COMING TO TOUCH YOU!

2. Baby acne. OK I guess it’s not technically baby acne, since it’s on ME and not the baby. While I am washing my hands 1 – 4 times an hour, I’m lucky if I wash my face 1 – 4 time per WEEK. Gross!

3. Sharing parenting duties….with the dog! Since the minute we brought Levi home, Lucky has been ON DUTY. He is always a few feet away from him, and if we take him out of the house, Lucky INSISTS on doing a full body inspection of Levi as soon as we walk back in the door. I’m not kidding; we actually have to lay the kid out and Lucky sniffs him from head to toe. If anyone else is over and they are holding the baby, Lucky is either right next to them or on their lap. For those who don’t know Lucky, he was pretty much a jerk around new people, at least for the first hour or so you are in our house. Not any more! As long as the baby is not crying while you hold him (sorry Lyla!), he’s like a different dog!

4. Increased Mikalisms. Mikal has pretty much the most endearing habit of all time, where she mixes up metaphors and expressions. Like in a moment of hypochondria a while back she was convinced that she had contracted spiral meningitis. Now through the magic of mild sleep deprivation, the incidences of these have dramatically increased! Yesterday she had two even: opening a box of worms, and reminding us all that today is the 29th because it’s a leap frog year! I love her. ❤

Just a few highlights for you to enjoy. So far, I can say I am really, really into this whole parenting thing 🙂


It appears I have been inconsistent in sharing the link to our Flickr page with all the Levi pics. If I haven’t sent it to you and you want to see it, leave a message, or text/email me!


Yesterday was Levi’s 8th day in this world. Traditionally the 8th day after birth is when the Jewish naming ceremony takes place. In lieu of that ritual I thought I’d share how Levi Mercury got him name, because I think it’s a sweet story.

We had a long list of “maybe” names for a boy, and Leonard was at the top of that list. At our first match meeting dinner with Shads and Benja, we found out that her cat was named Leonard. So I guess we both like that name! But, alas, they decided it was a little weird to have a cat and a kid with the same name, so we embarked on the naming journey together.

Mikal and I decided that we wanted them to pick his middle name. We also wanted to be sure that he ended up with a name that they were OK with and didn’t have any bad name associations with. So we gave them our top 10 list and asked them to pic their top 5 from that list. A few weeks later they came back with the top 5, and Mikal and I kind of picked our three faves from that list, with the intention to pick the best one for him after we met him.

Meanwhile, they were hard at work on the middle name. At the last dinner we had before Levi was born, they threw out a few of the middle name ideas, all of which we liked. Then they started talking about the “no way” list, like the joke ideas – Thunderbolt! Bowie! Mercury!

…wait you guys, we kind of love Mercury!

Fast forward to the hospital, he’s born and we have a short list of three names to decide between – Elliott, Henry and Levi. We try the names on, they are all great, and none stand out as “THE name”. We go through the night with him and then I decide to google the name meanings:

Elliott means “God is my Lord”

Henry means “Ruler of this house”

And when I saw the meaning of Levi I knew it was his name. I’ve looked it up in various places and it all means a variation of the first meaning that saw: “Joined together in harmony”

Since that’s pretty much EXACTLY what this little person has done, it seemed like the perfect name for him. Bringing together so many families in harmony, love and grace.

The next day, Benja came over to our room with their short list, one of which was Mercury. We said we liked all the names that they had…which was true. But we were secretly hoping for Mercury! AND IT WAS!

So there you have it – the naming of Levi Mercury, or, the awesomeness of open adoption!